FX payments engine for ERP / Business
Process Outsourcing / Corporates/Banks

Xchanger developed FX solution providing third parties with the one-stop shop for cross-border payments. Easy to integrate API or WEB access allows our customers to leverage the best FX rates, the most convenient payment methods and optimum payment delivery time.
Our platform can be seamlessly integrated with existing ERP / CRM / e-commerce solutions and grant access to the largest liquidity providers.

Key client groups


– new, cheaper payment methods
– competitive advantage
– lower total cost for end-customers
– new customer groups


– fully customizable money transfer infrastructure
– cheap fx rates for end-customers
– covering all transfer paths required by customers
– innovation: faster/cheaper global payments


– additional monetization with new services
– value added service
– big data as cross selling source
– innovation: alternative payments for end-customers

other services

– churn reduction
– monetization of existing customer base
– cross selling options
– competitive advantage

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