Provide Your customers with cross-border payments with just few lines of code

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What makes us different

White label
FX payments
customized to
Your needs

Super simple API
that makes integration
fast and easy

No transaction fees
No hidden costs
Pure profit

reward program
for Merchants

Start growing Your sales, build competitive advantage and make your customers benefit from cheapest, fastest & most convenient foreign payment without building own infrastructure

Xchanger seamlessly aggregates global money operators
within single payment solution.

We're crazy about building win-win models.

Overseas the customers are paying more and local retailers receive less because of the price policy of payment providers.

We make it different.

Everytime Your customer pays for any products or services using Xchanger’s fx payments tool, You receive commission.

Meeting Your business needs

Mult-Currency Pricing

Xchanger makes it easier to get paid in local currency by Your international customers and what’s even more we help You to save a lot of money on external fx systems.

Additional Revenues

By running a business every single penny counts and for that reason we don’t charge You for Xchanger’s fx services. We make it different and share with You commission from every single transaction made by Your clients using our products.

Web Traffic

Customers are looking for complex products enabling them to pay fast, cheap and convenient. Making them happy, You reduce naturally the bounce rate on Your website.


How about generating additional revenues not only from Your core activity but also from the side products like fx payments and users profiling delivered by Xchanger’s analytical tools?

Competitive advantage

By offering Your customers a simple way to manage currency payments You can build innovation and competitive advantage without any additional expenses- only API integration.

Customer Experience

For small businesses looking to grow time and money are crucial. Giving your customers ability to pay in local currencies on the best possible price, You make them stay with You for years.

Made for businesses to help them grow. Who can benefit?

Anyone who gets paid in foreign currencies or wants to expand the business
and offer customers cheap, fast and fully customized currency payments.

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